Michel Foucault at home, Paris, 1978.  Photo credit:  © Martine Franck/Magnum Photos.

Michel Foucault at home, Paris, 1978. © Martine Franck / Magnum Photos

There are several excellent bibliographies of Foucault’s works available on the Web.

Centre Michel Foucault:  Bibliography, image library, and chronology of Michel Foucault’s life.

Bibliography by Richard Lynch:

Michel Foucault resource and bibliography page:
PhilWeb: Bibliographical Resources Off- and On-Line

Chronological bibliography by Machiel Karskens:  Brief bibliography and introduction to Foucault’s work.

European Graduate School: Overview of Foucault’s life and list of his books (with publication information for French and English editions).

Biographies of Michel Foucault:

John Protevi’s brief biography of Foucault here.

For a biography of Foucault, go to our page, About Michel Foucault.

Photographs of Michel Foucault:

Magnum Photos: includes link to photo by Martine Franck of Foucault in his library, which is copied on this page.

Image Gallery on

Bruce Jackson Photography: Photos of Foucault in Buffalo 1971 & Paris 1975.

Gallery Exhibits of Foucault.