Related Organizations and Websites

Here is a selection of Foucaultian organizations and websites.  Please feel free to add a link to your website in the comments section of this page.

Journals, Organizations and Research Groups

The Foucault CircleAcademic philosophical organization which sponsors an annual conference and panels at the American Philosophical Association (APA) conferences.

Foucault Studies: online academic journal

Foucault Working Group at University of Toronto

Grupo de Estudos Foucaultianos: Research group in Brazil

Materiali Foucaultiani: Journal and research organization based in Italy

Critical Genealogies Collaboratory:  Cross-disciplinary research cluster at University of Oregon.

La bibliothèque Foucaldienne (in French).

Blogs and Websites

Michel-Foucault.comClare O’Farrell’s comprehensive website includes a bibliography and a news blog on Foucault-related research

PhilWeb: Bibliographical Resources Off- and On-Line: Michel Foucault resource and bibliography page

Michel Foucault website by Jeremy Crampton: emphasizes photos and illustrations of Foucault and his books.

Foucault Blog by Jeremy Crampton (no longer being updated)

Michel Foucault resource page at Generation OnlineA collection of material relating to the development of critical approaches to philosophy and social and political thought.

Foucault.infoa resource site containing three main sections, including a reference section with documents written by Foucault and a page of links to a selection of resources available on the web. A web log includes articles, book reviews, and announcements directly or indirectly related to Michel Foucault.

Dictionary for the Study of the Works of Michel Foucault: site created by Lois Shawver (last updated 11/05/06).

The World of Michel FoucaultA site produced and maintained by Ben Attias hosted at the California State University, Northridge.

Mad for Foucault Facebook page:  Site maintained by Lynne Huffer, author of Mad for Foucault: Rethinking the Foundations of Queer Theory (Columbia University Press, 2009), frequently updated with quotes from Foucault and news about research and publications.

See also the links posted on our Bibliography page.


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