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2 Responses to Research Queries & Comments

  1. chuck house says:

    Can someone pls help me find the original source of this quotation? It’s on pages 52-53
    of Johanna Oksala’s How to Read Foucault, and cited only as “FM.”

    “In the realm of our knowledge, everything presented to us as having universal validity, insofar as human nature is concerned, has to be tested and analyzed….”

    Thank you
    Chuck House
    graduate student, University of Minnesota

  2. Rohnda says:

    Hi this quote is also cited in Oksala’s chapter in Oksala, Johanna (2011) Lines of Fragility: A Foucaultian Critique of Violence, in Philosophy and the Return of Violence: Studies from this Widening Gyre, (Eds) Christopher S Yates, Nathan Eckstrand – sorry only looking at this on the net so couldnt get to the notes page but you might be able to track it down via this!

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